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Marc Mowrer, Director of Commercial Leasing

Seattle native Marc Mowrer has brought a sophisticated level of expertise to the commercial real estate activities of the company. A lawyer by education and training, Marc entered the active real estate business after law school.

Fluent in Spanish, Marc attended St Mary’s College, where he was captain of the Men’s Division I tennis team, All-Conference Academic and a magna cum laude graduate. He chose to attend Seattle University School of Law with an eye to kicking off his real estate career in the Pacific Northwest, which is also where he met his future wife.

Marc spent 10 years as a highly successful real estate broker and executive and assumed the responsibility for Leavitt Capital’s commercial portfolio in mid-2016. Similar to Aaron Lake, Marc was president of the very active commercial real estate brokers association, Spokane Traders Club.

Marc and his wife have two young boys who capture all of their attention away from work.